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Can Adults Get Metal Orthodontic Braces?

Metal Orthodontic Braces Orthodontist Ann Arbor MI

Many people associate orthodontic braces with the awkward teenage years, a rite of passage marked by yearbook photos with metallic smiles. However, the pursuit of a healthier, more aligned smile knows no age limit. Our orthodontist in Ann Arbor, MI, is treating more and more adults who are interested in correcting dental issues that were either not addressed in youth or have developed over time.

One of the most traditional and effective methods? Metal braces.

Let’s explore the feasibility, benefits, and considerations for adults considering metal orthodontic braces.

Why Consider Braces as an Adult?

First, it’s crucial to understand that orthodontic health is a vital component of overall well-being. Misaligned teeth can lead to problems such as difficulty in cleaning, which in turn can cause periodontal disease, and discomfort or pain due to improper bite. For adults in Ann Arbor and beyond, addressing these issues is not just a matter of aesthetics but of health.

Can Adults Qualify for Metal Braces?

The short answer is yes, adults can absolutely get metal braces. In fact, orthodontists are seeing a significant increase in adult patients, with many opting for traditional metal braces due to their efficiency in correcting complex dental issues.

Adult orthodontic braces have evolved significantly over the years, becoming sleeker, more comfortable, and even customizable with colored bands for those looking to add a personal touch to their orthodontic journey.

Benefits of Metal Braces for Adults

Discover what’s possible with adult orthodontics at our Ann Arbor dental office. We’d love the opportunity to help you smile with renewed confidence!


Metal dental braces are highly effective in treating a wide range of orthodontic problems, from simple misalignments to more complex bite issues. They offer our orthodontist precise control over the movement of teeth, ensuring optimal results.


Constructed from high-grade stainless steel, traditional metal braces are designed to withstand the rigors of daily life. This makes them a reliable choice for adults who are concerned about the wear and tear on their orthodontic appliances.


Generally, metal braces are more affordable than other orthodontic options such as clear aligners. This cost-effectiveness makes them an attractive option for adults looking to manage their dental health without breaking the bank.

Considerations for Adult Patients

During your consultation, Dr. Bedi will discuss the benefits and features of adult orthodontic treatment.


Adult braces require a commitment to regular check-ups and adjustments. Adults with busy schedules need to consider the time investment, as well as the discipline required for oral hygiene maintenance.

Social and Professional Perceptions

While societal acceptance of adult orthodontic treatment has grown, some adults may still have concerns about the aesthetic impact of metal braces in professional and social settings. It’s important to weigh these considerations against the long-term benefits of improved dental health and confidence.

Alternative Options

For those concerned about the visibility of metal braces, there are alternatives like Invisalign® clear aligners, which offer a more discreet solution. Discussing these options with our orthodontist can help determine the best course of action based on specific needs and lifestyle.

Metal Braces at Enhance Orthodontics

Embarking on the orthodontic journey as an adult requires careful consideration and a partnership with our trusted orthodontist in Ann Arbor, MI. The transformative power of a healthy, aligned smile can significantly impact one’s quality of life and self-esteem.

With advancements in orthodontic technology and a growing recognition of the importance of dental health at any age, more adults are saying yes to braces, proving it’s never too late to invest in your smile.

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